Casual entry prices

Aquatic casual entry


Peak times (9am - 8pm daily)

Off-peak times
Adult Swim $8.50 $7.30
Child Swim $7.10 $5.90
Concession Swim $7.10 $5.90
Family Swim $23.80 $20.30
Spectator $3.10 $3.10
Senior $7.70 $6.60

Swim Plus Spa/Suana and Steam room casual entry

Swim Plus Spa/Sauna/Steam  
Swim/Spa/Sauna/Steam $12.50
Swim/Spa/Sauna/Steam Concession $9.90
Swim/Spa/Sauna/Steam Senior $11.30

Group Fitness Entry

Group Fitness
(including Aqua Aerobics)
Older adult/
Pryme movers
Group Fitness
Aqua Movers
Group Fitness Concession
Pryme Movers
 Group Fitness Seniors
GRIT (Strength or Cardio) $14.60    

Health Club Entry

Health Club  
Casual Health Club $23.70
Casual Health Club Concession $19.30
Casual Health Club Senior $20.30

Did you know it is a lot more economical to be a member! You could have unlimited access to our facilities at an affordable rate and with no lock-in contracts! To find out more please call us on 9705 5000 or fill in an online enquiry form today!

Childcare Entry

Sessional Child Care - Members  
Per child $5.50
Per family $10.00
Sessional Child Care - Non Member  
Per child $8.30
Per family $15.50
Occasional Child Care  
Occasional child care per hour x 1 child $8.90
Occasional child care per hour x 2 children $16.70
Occasional child care per hour x 3 children $22.10
Occasional child care per hour x 4 children $27.70