Body Composition Analyser


A brand new Body Composition Analyser is now available, and it's seriously cutting-edge!

This state of the art technology is ideal for anyone beginnng a new training regime, looking to track their progress or wanting to identify areas of improvement. 

This test is beneficial for all body types and is as easy as standing on a platform/set of scales. Within moments, comprehensive results are produced including biological age, total body fat, muscle mass and much much more.

Based on your results, recommendations about diet, exercise and what is required to improve overall health and wellbeing will be provided by our gym team. If you would like to know what you're made of, get down to Casey ARC to try it today.

Bookings available every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, so call us on 9705 5000 to book in NOW!

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  • Non Member Cost: $30.00

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