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Casey RACE and Casey ARC celebrate 10 years of Platinum Pool Accreditation!

August 29, 2023

Casey RACE and Casey ARC are proud to have both received their Platinum Pool Accreditation for the 10th consecutive year.

The Platinum Pool certification indicates the aquatic facility achieving the highest standards in aquatic safety and risk management. The accreditation is recognised as a sign of excellence within the Industry. With only 40 Victorian aquatic facilities currently holding accreditation in the leisure industry.

Life Saving Victoria’s Aquatic industry Services Manager, Alek Olszewski commented “Platinum pool accreditation really is reserved for the best of the best” and further added, “Receiving the accreditation is difficult enough, let alone maintaining it”.

Casey ARC and Casey RACE venue’s long tender of Platinum Pool accredited signifies a long-term commitment to ensuring the safest aquatic venues for the community of Casey. As James Fisher, the Y’s Safety and Environmental Sustainability Manager put it “Very few aquatic venues in Victoria can attest to the level of commitment to Aquatic Safety than the Casey venues, and the safety of service provided at these venues is at an exceptional standard and something the Y is extremely proud of”.

The Y is extremely proud of our safety standards and in particular our commitment to aquatic safety. The Y’s management of Casey’s aquatic venues is a privilege and provides us with an opportunity to service the Casey community and provide positive aquatic experiences and countless physical and mental benefits that accompany time in aquatic spaces. This privilege also comes with great responsibility to ensure the safest venue possible for all our visitors.

The Y’s commitment to Platinum Pool program, particularly at the Casey Venues, highlights the Y’s passion to ensure the safest experience for all our visitors

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