The Victorian Government has announced the introduction of new restrictions from 11.59pm, Thursday 15 July. This means our Centre will need to close until further notice. More Information

One Casey City of Casey

Casey ARC Has Reopened

Casey ARC has reopened and we couldn't be more excited!

After initially closing in March, 2020 because of COVID-19 and then having the roof replaced, Casey ARC is soon to reopen its doors to the public.

Our swimming lessons program has been fully revamped and will be launched when the centre reopens.

Our child care centre will also reopen, giving more users the opportunity to use our facilities and know that their children are well cared for when they do.

The revamp of the centre will also allowed us to enable 24/7 access to the gym, which will be available shortly after reopening.

What has been done?

The City of Casey took the opportunity, whilst the centre was closed to do some much needed work on replacing the roof of the centre, which is now 20 years old. Doing the work now meant that the centre wouldn't have to close for months in 2022 when the work was originally scheduled. Merging it with the closure due to Covid meant the centre would not have to endure another closure next year.

In addition to having the roof replaced, the solar panels on the roof have been replaced as well. Why is this worth mentioning? Because the new solar panels are 8 times more efficient than the previous panels, which means our carbon footprint will be greatly reduced. As an example, we use over 4,000 kilowatts of electricity every day so the more we can offset with solar power, the better.

Whilst the roof is being replaced, we have had additional works done within the centre. This includes building a glass wall between the pool area and the reception and cafe area. This has the benefit of a more temperate and pleasant environment for visitors and allows the Centre to move to a 24/7 model with the gym as we are now able to block off access to the pools area.


We have worked hard to ensure that your visit to Casey ARC will be safe and enjoyable. We will be adhering to all of the health and safety guidelines of the State government and ensuring that social distancing is done. We will have QR code scanning for everyone attending the Centre and hand sanitisers throughout the Centre. If you do not feel well or have had a COVID test and no result, we ask that you do not attend the Centre.

Want to join us?

As with any business, we have had staff move on and we are always looking for new staff to join the team. We have a number of positions available and if you or someone you know would be interested, check them out here.


We cannot wait to see you back in the centre!

If you are a member, you membership will remain suspended until we reopen. All members have been sent emails about the reopening. If you have not received yours, please let us know by emailing us at

Make sure to follow us on our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

General Questions

When does the centre open?

The Centre opened at 5:30am on Wednesday 7 July.

What restrictions are in place when in the Centre?

At present, there are few restrictions. You need to use your phone to scan in using the QR code at the entrance as part of the State Government’s requirements, and users should attempt to stay 1.5 metres apart when inside the Centre. There are currently density quotas in place for Casey ARC, which includes a maximum of 300 people in each space (i.e. 300 in pool space; 300 in gym space) at the Centre which will be actively monitored by staff. Restrictions may change at short notice and we will promote these throughout the Centre as well as through our website and Facebook page.

What COVID safe practices are in place?

All visitors to Casey ARC must scan in using the QR code at the entrance to the facility. If you do not have a phone to do so, you must come to reception and sign in manually.

We encourage all users to practice social distancing when in the Centre as per State government requirements.

We will also have hand sanitisation stations throughout the centre.

Face masks must be worn when in the Centre unless exercising or swimming.

As and when required, we will amend our COVID safe requirements based on State and Federal government guidelines.

What hours are the Centre open?

Mon – Fri 5:30am – 10:00pm

Sat – Sun 8:00am – 8:00pm

Do I have to book or can I just turn up at the centre?

No bookings are required to come to the Centre within the operating hours. You do need to book for group fitness classes although it is advised to ensure you secure a spot.

Will my membership still be active or will I need to rejoin?

All memberships have been suspended during the closure but reactivated on Wednesday July 7. Your direct debit payment will be processed on Thursday 8 July in line with your normal debit cycle. If you had any credits from last year’s closure these will be included in your first payment.All members will be sent an email about this and those that do not have an email address will be sent a letter before the opening date.

I didn’t get any emails about the reopening and my membership being reactivated?

Please send your full name and email address to and we will check if the email was sent and received and if not, add your details to the email list.

How do I update my debit details?

We realise that during our closure period you may have received a new credit card or changed account details. If this is the case please call 1300 760 379 to update your details so as to avoid any rejection fees.

What has changed about the centre?

The centre has undergone some significant improvements although not all will be noticeable to visitors. Most prominently, we have had a new roof put onto the centre as well as new solar panels. A glass partition and wall has been added, separating the reception and café area from the pool area, which will allow us to activate 24/7 gym access within the centre.

Health Club

Do I have to wear a mask when exercising?

No, when actively exercising you do not. However, when you are not exercising, you must wear a mask.

Will all equipment be available for use?

All equipment will be available for use. Depending on Government restrictions at the time, we may need to make every second cardio machine unavailable to maintain social distancing requirements.

With the glass petition now separating the pool from the gym, is it possible to get a gym only membership?

At this time, this is not an option as we are unable to prevent users from using both the gym and pool space. Providing the option for both pool and gym access also allows members to get the most beneficial exercise in order to achieve their goals.

Do you offer personal training?

Yes. You can book your personal training sessions using the website or by contacting staff at reception or in the gym.

Do you still do Personal Success Plans?

Yes, Personal Success Plans (PSP) are the cornerstone of a health club membership. A plan helps ensure that you are more likely to achieve your health and fitness goals and we encourage all health club members to get a PSP.

24/7 Gym Access

When does the Health Club convert to a 24/7 Gym?

We are still working through the requirements to convert this space to a 24/7 facility. Stay tuned for further updates but we expect this to be ready very soon.

What do I need to do to become a 24/7 gym member?

If you are already a One Casey Health Club member, you then need to do an online induction, which takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Once completed, staff will activate your 24/7 membership within 3 business days and inform when it is ready to be used.

If you are not a One Casey Health Club member, you can join here and take advantage of the many benefits of membership.

Will I get access to any other centres 24/7?

Yes, besides Casey ARC, you will have 24/7 access to the health clubs at Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre and Casey RACE.

Is there an additional cost for 24/7?

No. You simply need to complete the 24/7 induction.

Can the pools be used 24/7?

No, the pools cannot be used outside of staffed hours. There will be no changes to the opening times for the pools. The doors to the pool area will be locked as per regular closing times to prevent access to the pools.

What safety measures are in place for members using the facilities during non-staffed hour?

A state of the art security surveillance system is in place.
Duress buttons are provided in the following locations:

  • cardio area of the health club
  • strength training area
  • both male and female changing rooms
  • disabled change room

Duress buttons will contact the control room who will arrange for emergency assistance.

Mobile duress buttons are available to be worn while working out or using the change rooms.

A first aid station, including a defibrillator, is provided in the gym.

The member induction process for 24/7 access ensures members understand and agree to comply with safety requirements and emergency procedures.

Will any staff be working outside of the current operating hours?

No. As is the case with other 24/7 health clubs, the centre will not be staffed outside of the regular opening hours.

What do I do if I cannot access the gym outside of staffed hours?

There are a number of reasons why this may be the case.
Examples include:

  • money owing on your account
  • concessions cards expiring
  • 24/7 access is still pending (it can take up to 3 business days to complete the induction process)

Please contact Casey ARC on 9705 5000 during staffed hours or visit us in centre to resolve any issues.

How will I gain access to the 24/7 gym?

Members wishing to use the health club outside of regular staffed hours will be required to complete a 24/7 access induction online . Upon completion of the online induction you should have 24/7 gym access within 3 business days. This does not happen immediately. You will receive an email once your membership has been activated. Once done, your wristband can be used to access the centre using the scanner at the main entrance to open the doors outside of regular opening hours. Until an induction has been done and processed, you will not have access to 24/7.
Inductions can be done online shortly. Members will be invited to complete the induction by email.
NB. You cannot gain access to the facility using another member's membership.

What facilities will I have access outside of regular staffed hours?

The facilities available include the gym and health club change rooms. You will not have access to the pools, group fitness or cycle studio.

Child Care

Will Child Care be open when the centre reopens?


What sessions will be available?

All child care sessions are for 1.5 hours. The days and times available are:

Monday 9am – 10.30am 10.40am – 12.10pm 12.20pm – 1.50pm

Tuesday 9am – 10.30am 10.40am – 12.10pm

Wednesday 9am – 10.30am 10.40am – 12.10pm 12.20pm – 1.50pm

Thursday 9am – 10.30am 10.40am – 12.10pm 12.20pm – 1.50pm

Friday 9am – 10.30am 10.40am – 12.10pm

How much does Child Care cost?

Prices are charged per session. Multiple sessions may be booked on the one day up to a maximum of 15 hours per child per week.

The price per session is determined by whether you are a YMCA member, non-member or whether you are visiting and using the Casey ARC facilities or leaving the centre.

Sessional Care Pricing

Per Hour


Per Child


Per Family



Per Child


Per Family


Occasional Care Pricing

Per Session

Per Child


Per Family 2 Children


Per Family 3 Children


Per Family 4 Children


How do I book into Child Care?

Our child care service is licensed for 50 children and we must ensure compliance across its operation. Bookings are essential and can be made through the My Family Lounge web page or via the My Family Lounge app. Follow the prompts to complete and submit an enrolment form as well as your child’s Immunisation History Statement and any relevant Health Action Plans. The Child Care Service will send you a confirmation letter once your enrolment is complete.

Bookings and cancellations may be made up to seven days in advance and up to 9:00pm on the day prior to requiring care.

You can download the app from the Google Play store or App Store. Simply search for the My Family Lounge app.

What precautions have been taken with COVID-19 in Child Care?

Our child care staff will practice strict hygiene and cleaning procedures in accordance with the Victorian Government Department of Health Guidelines and Recommendations as well as the Australian Government NHMRC, Staying Healthy Preventing infectious diseases in early childhood education and care services Guidelines.

What do I need to bring?

For Child Care bring the following:

  • Healthy snack
  • Drink
  • Nappies and wipes
  • Dummy
  • Special Blanket
  • Change of clothes
  • Hat
  • Coat and Beanie
  • Sunscreen

A recommended list will be sent to you upon confirmation of your enrolment.

Can I leave my child at Child Care and leave the centre to go somewhere else e.g. Fountain Gate?

Yes, we have the option with our Occasional Care program.

At what age can my child attend Child Care?

Our Child Care service is licenced for children between the age of 6 weeks up to 12 years of age.

Group Fitness

What Group Fitness classes will be available when the centre reopens?

We have a brand new timetable of classes which is available to view and book on website. We aim to continue to build the number of classes as demand increases.

We also have a number of virtual classes that can be accesses via schedule or on demand.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a towel, water bottle and your own mat for classes that require it. All other equipment is provided.

Will there be social distancing in classes?

Yes, we have designated spots for members to set up and stand

Do I have to wear a mask when exercising?

No, when actively exercising you do not. However, when you are not exercising, you must wear a mask.

Can I use the Group Fitness rooms outside of staffed hours as part of 24/7 access?

No, only the gym and change rooms will be available. The RPM room and group fitness space will be locked.

Swimming Lessons

I did swimming lesson at Casey ARC before the closure. Can I restart the again

We’ve taken some time to reshape our program timetable, ensuring we are ready to help your child/children to continue to develop and progress as we reopen the centre. Due to these changes you will need to re-enrol into classes. Call us on 9820 0085 to book your lesson.

How do I book into swimming lessons?

Call us on 9820 0085 and we will help you find a suitable class and time for you / your child.

What is the cost of swimming lessons?

Please note the following prices for your lessons per fortnight. These prices will be effective from July 12, 2021.

YMCA Swimming Lessons Membership

Standard Price*

Family Membership Price
















*Members who have multiple children in the swimming lesson program will receive the added incentive of a 10% discount off the normal price for the 2nd and subsequent children.

When do swimming lessons start?

Swimming lessons at Casey ARC start from Monday, 12 July, 2021.


Will all of the pools be open when the centre reopens?

All pools with the exception of the Wave Pool will be opened from Wednesday 7 July. There was further work required on the Wave Pool which has slightly delayed its opening. It will be opening soon and we will keep everyone up to date via this page once it’s opened. Thank you for your patience with us whilst we get this pool back up and running.

What is your Watch Around Water policy?

Here at Casey ARC we are a Watch Around Water Centre. Watch around Water is an education and public awareness raising program to address the growing concern regarding supervision of young children at public swimming pools.

Children need supervision! Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children under five years of age and almost half of all injuries recorded at public swimming pools involves children. Watch Around Water assists aquatic staff to promote safe supervision practices and provide a safe venue for the community to participate in sport and recreation.

The program promotes consistent supervision policies including:

If the child is under 5 years of age:

1 adult: 2 children

  • Must be accompanied in the centre by a responsible parent / guardian over the age of 16 years old
  • The parent or carer needs to be within arms reach of the child at all times.
  • The child will be given a pink wrist band when casual swimming

If the child is under 10 years of age:

1 adult: 4 children

  • Must be accompanied in the centre by a responsible parent / guardian over the age of 16 years old
  • The parent or carer needs to be actively supervising their child at all times.
  • Parents / guardians must position themselves to have a clear view of the child with no physical or structural barriers between them and the child / children.
  • The child will be given a yellow wrist band when casual swimming.

If the child is over 10 years of age:

  • The parent or carer needs to be aware of the child's swimming ability and supervise them accordingly.

All unsupervised children will be removed from the water.

We will not permit entry to the centre for families and / or groups where the number of parent/guardians supervising children under 10 years exceeds the ratio of 1:4 (ratio of 1:2 for children under 5).

Do I need to be in the water with my child?

If your child is under the age of five years old, you need to be within arm’s reach of them at all times within the centre. If they are under the age of ten, they must be actively supervised by a parent or caregiver over the age of 16 years.

What lanes are available for swimming in?

You can check before attending the centre on our website – link to lap lane availability on website to go here.

Are the pools heated?

Yes, the 25 metre pool is heated to 28 degrees and the leisure / program pool is heated to 32 degrees.

Does my child need to wear nappies in the water?

If you child wears a nappy outside of the water then they need to wear a water proof nappy inside the pool. Nappies can be bought at reception or your local supermarket.