New Roof for Casey ARC

Casey ARC is to get a new roof and the centre will be closed during this work. More Information

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Be in with the chance to win great prizes and certificates by taking part in our Swimming Carnival happening at Doveton Pool in the Park on the 15th of January.

The carnival will run from 3.00pm. 

Students from Tadpole through to Shark being able to compete in a variety of races. Strokes will be set for the different levels according to what the levels focus is.  

A list of events is available below.

To sign up, complete the form below and we will see you on January 15th for the carnival.

Swimming Carnival Events


Tadpole 10m Kickboard


Goldfish 10m freestyle

Goldfish 10m backstroke


Octopus 10m kickboard


Sardine 10m freestyle

Sardine 10m backstroke


Salmon 15m freestyle

Salmon 15m backstroke

Salmon 15m breaststroke

Salmon 15m survival backstroke


Tuna 25m freestyle

Tuna 25m backstroke

Tuna 25m breaststroke

Tuna 25m survival backstroke


Dolphin 50m freestyle

Dolphin 50m backstroke

Dolphin 50m breaststroke

Dolphin 50m survival backstroke

Dolphin 25m dolphin kick


Shark 50m freestyle

Shark 50m backstroke

Shark 50m breaststroke

Shark 50m survival backstroke

Shark 50m Butterfly 


25m Parent race

 Novelty races