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One Casey City of Casey

Gym Facilities

At Casey ARC you’ll find a fully equipped gym, with modern electronic, pin loaded and free weight equipment as well as a functional training space.

Group Fitness

Come and get active to great music in a group environment! Group Fitness is fun, and proven to support you in establishing lasting healthy lifestyle habits.

Strength Training Equipment

Strength training is a major part of any gym so having the right equipment is imperative. Casey ARC has a partnership with Matrix Fitness Australia, who produce top of the line strength training equipment.

Virtual Group Fitness

Get active in a group environment with Virtual Group Fitness. Virtual group fitness is an online or video based system that provides Les Mills group fitness content to a facility via large display screens.

Virtual Reality Bike training

Casey ARC is the first facility in Australia to implement Virtual Reality bikes. These bikes provide a completely immersive experience which allows you to have a 360 degree feel while getting a great workout.

24/7 Gym

Our centre, which is already open seven days a week, is among the first YMCA Victoria managed gyms to undergo refitting for conversion to the 24 hour format.

Mynd and Wellness

Across the Casey sites (Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre, Casey RACE and Casey ARC) we offer a variety of mindfulness programs and sessions.

Nutrition Program

Be inspired to live a healthier life! We are committed to help you and your family live a healthier and happier life through more informed food and health choices.

Body Composition Analyser

A Body Composition Analyser is a quick, non-invasive bioelectrical impedance measurement that can determine various results by different signals in your body. It allows for targeted dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice plans to be developed.

Customer Portal

The quickest and easiest way to manage your membership and swimming lessons.

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