New Roof for Casey ARC

Casey ARC is to get a new roof and the centre will be closed until some time in 2021. More Information

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We are continually upgrading the facilities at Casey ARC and this page will inform you of what we are doing as well as any disruptions to services you may use in the centre.
We are upgrading part of our facilities and to keep you informed we have created the following frequently asked questions.
Also, at times within Casey ARC, we will have updates and disruptions to our services as we work to improve the centre for our members.
You can follow the updates on this page under the FAQs and see what is going on and what effect it may have on your visit.

Over the last few years, the City of Casey and YMCA have been working together to manage the condition of the Casey ARC roof due to significant rust occurring from the corrosive chlorinated environment. This has resulted in considerable degradation of the roof materials and structures.

Following an audit conducted in 2019 by an external engineer, Council officers were advised that the roof had deteriorated significantly, with a total roof replacement required within the next 18 to 24 months.

The project consists of replacing roof sheets and structures, upgrading solar panels and implementing a glass wall between the aquatics pool hall and entrance areas to enable 24/7 access to the Health Club.

The replacement of the Casey ARC roof (Works) will require a total facility shut down for an estimated 12-16 week period.

As COVID has caused significant closures and restrictions, this project has been brought forward to commence works in 2020 to minimise disruptions and further closures to the centre in 2021.

Given the upgrades required and the exciting project of a wall to separate the pool hall and facilitate 24/7 access, Casey ARC will not reopen its doors to the public in 2020. At this time, Doveton Pool will remain closed until its season commences in December 2020 (subject to government restrictions at the time).

We are excited to know that Casey ARC will be receiving these works and become a 24/7 health club facility.

Update: 1 April, 2021

The team at Casey ARC hope you are doing well an taking care of yourself! As you can see from the pictures above, the re-roofing works at Casey ARC are well and truly underway. In fact, everything is running to schedule and we are on track to reopen in late May or early June.

The works include replacing the roof and installing new solar panels. Did you know that we use over 4,000 kilowatts of electricity every day when operating?! By upgrading from 44kw output to 350kw output panels, we will dramatically lower our carbon footprint, a win for everyone! Additionally, we are building a glass wall internally, which will enable us to transform Casey ARC into a 24/7 gym and also separate the cafe and reception area from the pool, making it a more pleasant and temperate environment for visitors.

The centre will be open before you know it. We thank you, our loyal members, for hanging in there with us throughout this period. We are certainly very excited to get you all back to the Centre again. We will send regular updates to you as works continue, to let you know of the re-opening date.

In the meantime you do have the option to restart your membership and use the facilities at Casey RACE and Endeavour Hill Leisure Centre whilst Casey ARC is closed. For Health and Wellness members, you can do this by emailing us at Casey ARC and we'll call you back to get your membership set up. Swimming Lessons members, you can simply join up at Casey RACE and once Casey ARC reopens we can work with you to transition you back to Casey ARC.

If you prefer to wait, no problem, you can use Virtual Y, our online platform, which offers you free access to exclusive fitness videos, nutritious recipes, wellbeing advice, family activities and our Youth Hub.

We are excited that things are going as planned and we are looking forward to seeing you in centre again soon! As mentioned, we will be in touch again with more updates. In the meantime, stay well and look after yourself and those around you.

Update: 21 January, 2021

Work on replacing the Casey ARC roof is scheduled to begin on 27 January, following the successful appointment of Circon Constructions who will be undertaking the project. The work will include a total roof replacement, upgrading the solar panels and building a wall between the aquatics pool hall and entrance areas to enable 24/7 gym access to the Health Club in the future. The existing 44Kw solar panel system will be upgraded to a 350Kw output, to operate the facility's plant and help reduce the carbon footprint.

Work is expected to take around 12-16 weeks and for safety, the entire Centre will remain closed for the duration of the works.

Casey ARC members have the option to leave their membership suspended until the Centre reopens or reactivate their membership and use one of Council’s other facilities.

Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the roof need to be repaired?

Casey ARC was completed in 2001. Following an audit of the facility in 2019, Council was advised that the corrosive chlorinated environment has resulted in considerable degradation of the roof materials and structure, and that a total roof replacement would be necessary within the next 12-18 months. 

What will the work include?

The project includes replacing roof sheets and structures, upgrading solar panels to 350Kw Output (current output 44Kw) and erecting a glass wall between the aquatics pool hall and entrance areas to enable 24/7 access to the Health Club. 

Why are you putting on so many more solar panels and what will this power be used for?

In order for the facilities plant to operate, Casey ARC uses over four thousand kilowatts of electricity every day. The solar panels will be used to help reduce the carbon footprint. 

Why is a wall between the pool hall and entrance needed?

To enable 24/7 access to the Health Club, we need to ensure the pool deck is secured for after-hours entry. Installing the wall will also create a more pleasant dining experience in the café and allow for an external servery to be installed. 

Does the whole facility need to be closed?

Yes, the scope of the works means the entire facility needs to be closed for safety.

Why wasn’t this work completed while it was shutdown during COVID-19 restrictions?

This work had initially been scheduled to occur in the 2021/22 financial year. Council was already undertaking a significant upgrade of the Casey RACE facility when the first round of COVID-19 public health restrictions came into effect. The complete shutdown of Casey RACE has allowed us to complete that work in a much faster timeframe than would have occurred if the facility had partially opened. As the COVID-19 restrictions have extended for much longer than anticipated, we have decided to bring forward the Casey ARC work, and take advantage of the period than the facility is already closed. By starting the work during the forced closure of the building, we are attempting to minimise the overall time that it is unavailable to the public, and minimise future disriuptions.

How long will the work take?

The work will require a total facility shutdown for an estimated 12-16 week period once the tender is accepted. 

What will happen with my membership?

Members will be given the option to leave their membership suspended free or charge, or reactivate their membership and use one of our other facilities including Casey RACE, Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre or Doveton Pool in the Park when it opens for the summer season.

What if I am part of a swim club – what will happen to us?

We are currently investigating options to relocate all user groups that we support at Casey ARC to another facility. We will work with your club representative to determine what the best alternative is.

What happens if I am a karate member – will we still be able to train?

Similar to the swim clubs, we are currently investigating options to relocate all user groups, including the karate program, to another facility. We will work with Goju Martial Arts to determine what the best alternative is.

What happens to my/my child’s swimming lessons?

We are currently looking through alternative venues (including the use of other Casey facilities) to be able to continue the swim lesson program once it is able to be resumed. We understand that many parents are keen to ensure that their child is able to learn the lifesaving skills of swimming and therefore we are looking to relocate lessons for the short period of time.

Will the opening hours of Doveton Pool be reviewed because ARC will be closed?

Doveton Pool will open to public on the 1st December 2020 for the season. Further information around opening times and activities can be found on the Facebook page or website.

How will we be able to contact Casey ARC if you are closed?

Casey ARC will still be able to be contacted via email ( or phone (03 9705 5000).