Closure of ONE Casey Centres

We are closed due to government restrictions until further notice. This includes Casey ARC, Casey RACE, Casey Stadium, Berwick Leisure Centre, Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre and Doveton Pool in the Park. More Information

One Casey City of Casey

We are continually upgrading the facilities at Casey ARC and this page will inform you of what we are doing as well as any disruptions to services you may use in the centre.
We are upgrading part of our facilities and to keep you informed we have created the following frequently asked questions.
Also, at times within Casey ARC, we will have updates and disruptions to our services as we work to improve the centre for our members.
You can follow the updates on this page under the FAQs and see what is going on and what effect it may have on your visit.

Change Room Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

The second phase of the change room works started on Monday, 24 February. The whole project will take about nine (9) weeks. We anticipate that all of the change rooms will be completed in the next 12- 18 months.

What bathrooms will be done?

All change rooms/bathrooms will be refreshed starting with the pool deck bathrooms. Eventually all will be completed including pool deck, family change-rooms, reception toilets and health club bathrooms.

What order will they be done in?

1.       Pool Deck – male then female

2.       Family

3.       Health Club

4.       Reception

Please note that the order may change as the works progress. This is a rough guide only at this stage.

What can I expect to happen?

All change rooms and bathrooms will retain the same layout, but the fittings and fixtures will be upgraded.

What time of day will the work take place?

Work will progress throughout the day, but we anticipate that any loud or dusty work will be completed after hours. Exact times are to be negotiated with the contractor.

What programs will be affected by the work?

There will be minimal disruption to any programs.

Do I get a discount on my membership because of the disruption?

There will be no discount on memberships as we don’t foresee any major interruption to our programs. If a member wishes to suspend their membership due to the work, we will manage requests on a case by case basis.

Casey ARC Change Rooms Access During Renovations

Change Room Renovations Flyer1 3

Where to change during the renovation

10 June, 2020

Lap Swimming

From Monday, 15 June, lap swimming will be available in the centre.

Please note that at this stage all other programs and services remain suspended.

The safety of our community is important so please expect to see strict social distancing measures when you arrive for your swim.

Important information:

  • There will be no showering and no change room use (please arrive in your bathers ready to swim). Toilets are not to be used as a change space. This includes after swimming is complete.
  • Swimming is strictly for 45 minutes from entry to the centre. There will be 10 minutes available to dry off and leave the centre after swimming.
  • Swimming will be available between 6am – 10am and 5pm – 8pm weekdays and 8am - 12 noon on weekends.
  • Lockers and water fountains will not be available for use. Please bring your own full drink bottle and refrain from bringing personal belongings with you.
  • Bookings are preferred online as we are limited to 20 patrons at any one time and cannot guarantee access to the centre.
  • Payment for online bookings is made when booking, however for phone bookings we can take payments over the phone or in centre if required. Please note that this may eat into your swim time.

10 June, 2020

Change Rooms

Work on the poolside women's change rooms was completed during the COVID closure however access to the change rooms is restricted to only the toilets until restrictions put in place by the State government for the health and safety of users are eased.

27 February, 2020

Change Rooms

Work on the poolside women's change rooms is progressing well even if the photos above appear to show otherwise.. We will update with more photos and information as it becomes available.

21 February, 2020

Change Rooms

We are excited to announce that stage 2 of our change room renovations will commence on Monday, 24 February for our Female change rooms on pool deck.

Please see staff for change room access when you visit. Further information to follow in the coming days.

17 February, 2020

Change Rooms

We are about to start the next phase of our renovations project at Casey ARC. This will include renovating the Female Change Room on pool deck.

We will have more information after Friday 21st February.

28 November, 2019

Change Rooms

The Men's Change Rooms are now open again for use! All new fittings and showers as well as flooring and walls.

20 November, 2019

Change Rooms

The end looks to be in sight. The latest photos above show the progress that has been made over the past week including the inclusion of motion controlled temperature control and on/off automated controls for the showers.

13 November, 2019

Change Rooms

Renovations on the men's change rooms are really coming along now. You can see the progress on the photos above.

26 September, 2019

Change Rooms

Progress is being made as you can see from the photos above and it is expected that the wall sheeting should come in next week and it will start to look more like a change room.

19 September, 2019

Change Rooms

The renovations on the men's change rooms is well and truly underway. You can see some photos of the work being done above. Stayed tuned for further updates as we get them.

9 September, 2019

Change Rooms

The change rooms work will start tomorrow, Tuesday 10 September, at 7am. The men's change rooms will be done first and take up to six weeks to complete with the entire project anticipated to take up to 12 weeks. Please be aware of the changed layout for visitors by viewing the map above as well as the video walk through.

2 August, 2019

Change Rooms

The Change Room project team have continued doing a lot of work behind the scenes. The delays have meant that we anticipate the works will commence late August to early September. We will continue to provide updates on the project as it comes to hand.

15 July, 2019

Change Rooms

The Change Room project team have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. During this phase, issues have been identified that will cause unanticipated delays, mainly due to the aging infrastructure systems. The City of Casey and YMCA are currently working to address these delays and will provide an updated project time-frame to Casey ARC members and visitors within the coming weeks.

18 June, 2019

Change Rooms

Work on renovating the poolside changing rooms will start on Monday, June 24. The men's change rooms will be done first and take up to six weeks to complete with the entire project anticipated to take up to 12 weeks.

05 June, 2019


Our new lockers have now been installed and ready for use!

29 March, 2019


In an exciting development, we have selected a preferred supplier and will shortly be placing an order to upgrade the lockers in the pool hall and health club spaces. Some of the innovations will mean our customers no longer will need to queue up to select a locker. The new system is compatible with your existing RFID band, which will allow customers to “touch” on/off and select any locker.

The lockers in the aquatics space will be robust enough to withstand the demands of a typical aquatic environment, yet aesthetically pleasing and very simple to use.

In the health club we will be adding a series of mini lockers for patrons carrying keys/wallets/phones on top of the allocations in the change rooms and common space near the cardio equipment.

22 February, 2019


We are excited to advise that after exhaustive research by City of Casey and YMCA, that we are very close to appointing a new locker supplier. This will mean new lockers in the very near future.

The locker selected will be durable to withstand our aquatic environment, but also simple to use with no need for patrons to queue up to access a locker.

15 February, 2019


The turnstiles are now operational again. Members, don't forget to bring your wristbands with you.

07 February,2019


The turnstiles at reception have been replaced and we are now waiting on the scanners being recalibrated. This should happen shortly. If you have any questions please call the centre on 9705 5000. 

25 January, 2019


Thank you for your patience while we work together with the City of Casey to seek repairs to the turnstiles. We understand it has been quite some time since they were last working and we wanted to reassure you that YMCA and Casey have been trying to resolve this issue. To date we have had the turnstile manufacturer on site 4 times, and each time we’ve been advised that parts are on back order or that they would be out as soon as parts arrived. Unfortunately, the delays are out of our control and we’re restricted in our response as we’re unable to source the broken part from anyone else but the supplier.

We wish to assure you that this has not been left unattended and together the City of Casey and YMCA are looking at alternate solutions to ensure this problem doesn’t occur in the future. In the interim we thank you for your patience as we find the best possible, long-term solution for the centre.   


We understand that the lockers have been an area of frustration to our members. Both the City of Casey and YMCA have been working together to try and rectify this problem with the contractor. At this stage discussions and negotiations with the contractor have failed and we are investigating new lockers for the centre, better suited to withstand the aquatic environment conditions. We hope to have a solution to communicate in the coming weeks. In the interim we thank you for your patience as we work to find the best possible, long-term solution for you.   

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